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San Francisco Bay Area native and Cape Cod resident, Michael Duvall, for the last 25+ years, has worked as a professional yacht rigger, working both on boats as well as in rigging shops. One of his many duties was constructing the myriad of lines, ie: halyards, sheets, and guys required on a sailboat. At the same time, he worked in one of these rigging shops, and the need for a durable and aesthetically pleasing leash for Summer, the family’s yellow Lab, arose.
Using the same materials and techniques as the lines he was building for boats, Duvall then came up with the idea to build the leash in the style of a halyard. Upon seeing his creation for the first time, family and friends immediately asked Duvall to make leashes for their dogs. Hence, Howlyards was born!
Since 2020, Duvall and the team at Howlyards have proudly been making their leashes, with the hope that you and your dog enjoy their products as much as they enjoy making them for you.  Learn More

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